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MENA Development Partners

MENA Development Partners LLC

Developing successful business relationships in the Middle East.

**NEW - Collaborative research project on fracking.**

About Us

MENA Development Partners is based on the belief that our clients and partners' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire global team, consultants, subject matter experts and network of trusted advisors is committed to meeting those needs. MENA Development Partners is a recently formed joint-venture between:

  • Senior representatives and advisors to several of the Middle Eastern royal families (who represent “the business side” of the very large infrastructure projects throughout the region) and
  • A proven leader in business development of strategic business & global solutions in the US. Seen as a trusted advisor with long-term, consultative-type relationships with global leaders of Fortune 1000 companies.

The two parties have known each other for over 30 years and while this is their first venture together, they have both been very successful in their respective regions for over two decades. 

MENA Development Partners’ Commitment to Client Advocacy

Navigating the waters in the Middle East is a very complex process that is very foreign to many Western companies. Through MENA’s Client Advocacy approach, our network of global resources and local network will make sure that our client’s needs are a priority when it comes to doing business in the Middle East.

Our clients will have a single point-of-contact who they will form a close working relationship with to develop a thorough understanding of the business conditions, cultural differences and country idiosyncrasies. MENA Development Partners are committed to the success of partnership and the relationship. We see all relationships as long-term ones and we will nurture the relationship as part of our Client Advocacy commitment.

MENA Development Partners looks forward to knowing your business inside-and-out, as well as the kinds of projects you are interested in doing, what falls within your sweet-spot and what kinds of projects to seek-out for your business. We understand the complexity of doing business in the Middle East for Western companies and through our Client Advocacy commitment, we will work to overcome these issues to deliver tailored solutions for your organization.

MENA’s clients’ success if first and foremost in our culture. We will do this through consistently looking for new projects and solutions to compliment your existing business model. We want to not only meet your expectations, but always exceed them.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service in the industry.


MENA Development Partners

3262 Westheimer Road #353

Houston, TX 77098

+1 281 830 3130

[email protected]

Offices also in Pakistan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Given the global nature of MENA Development Partners, we will always try to accommodate your business hours in respect to your location.